Relocation for a fixed price

Get up and running without any worries

Stress-free immigration and relocation: We will make sure that your employees’ national and international relocations are carried out quickly, reliably and in a relaxed manner.

With ease to your new location

Moving for a new job without distraction and loss of time! Thanks to our services, your employees enjoy maximum support so that they can concentrate on the key tasks of their new job right from the start.

Our experts will take care of all formalities and the full procedure, from essential paperwork to moving in – even for entire families.

For a fair fixed price

When you compare different services, you will see that our fee is calculated in an entirely fair way. This is because we fully pass on the advantages of our efficient processes to our clients.

And we do this in a highly transparent manner: Before we take on your project, we quote a fixed price for all services in a comprehensive all-inclusive package. We don’t charge extra – for instance, for every certified translation or every consultation with a lawyer. For us, a fixed price is a fixed price.


We take care of all the tedious details

A change of residence can take up a lot of time – time in which employees are absent from the workplace or are not fully engaged. This ranges from obtaining documentation and certification, looking for a new place to live, deciding on schools and sports clubs to settling into the new environment.

We take these tasks off your employees’ shoulders to ease their burden over the long run. Their minds stay clear and focused on their work instead of having to worry about real estate agents or authorities.

Immigration and work permits

We help specialists and executives to immigrate to Germany so that they can gain traction with their career here.

Choosing a kindergarten, school or sports club

We support you with our insider knowledge in your search for a kindergarten, school or sports club.

Home Search and moving

We organize a stress-free, uncomplicated, and cost-efficient relocation – from the preparation to the search for suitable housing to moving and furnishing.

Overcoming cultural and language barriers

We are committed to ensuring that newcomers feel equally at home in their new environment so that they can start their new job in a balanced and focused state of mind.


We identify your wishes and requirements in advance. Then we explain the next steps and outline the relocation process.


Experience in advance what a location will have to offer – on your own or together with your family. We pick you up at the airport, present suitable residential areas, kindergartens, schools, and shopping options and show you the living conditions, cultural features, and places of interest. In this way, we provide an ideal basis for your decisions.


We take care of the formalities and make sure that regulations and laws are observed. For this purpose, we contact the respective diplomatic representation abroad, coordinate appointments at the German embassy, help compile the necessary documents and assist with translations and certified documents.

Work and residence permit

We support specialists and executives in applying for work and residence permits (EU Blue Card, ICT Card or settlement permit). We compile the documents that are needed, take care of translations and certifications, apply for the work permit at the employment agency, submit the application to the foreigners’ authority, coordinate appointments, and accompany you when you need to appear in person.


We advise you on all points that are important for your arrival in Germany – from boarding the plane to the first essential steps in the new home country.

Finding accommodation

We help you find the best apartment or house to rent or buy. In doing so, we take into account all requirements for infrastructure, kindergarten, school, clubs, doctors, shopping facilities and leisure activities. Our excellent network of contacts with real estate agents, property management companies and landlords enables us to quickly find the ideal property. Afterwards, we assist with the preparation of a lease or purchase agreement as well as with the handover of the property.

Moving in and out

Move in and move out as relaxed as possible: We coordinate moving companies, ensure that craftsmen are available on time and organize contracts with utility companies for electricity, gas and water, telecommunications providers, and municipal service providers.

Changing your driver's license

We support you with the application for the EU driving license. We compile the documentation required for this, arrange appointments at the driving license office and accompany you there. If necessary, we arrange suitable driving lessons and first aid courses.

Government offices

Be it registering at the new place of residence, obtaining an EU driver's license, applying for child benefits and parental allowance or choosing the correct tax class – we provide comprehensive assistance. We obtain official documents such as birth or marriage certificates and certificates of good conduct if these are not available. We also take care of legalizations, apostilles, duplicates and certified translations.

Help with integration

We offer newcomers to Germany comprehensive assistance for a quick overview. What is the best way to learn a foreign language? Which banks are there, and which bank is the most suitable? Which insurances are necessary? What do you need to consider when choosing a day care facility, kindergarten, or school? And where can you find the best doctors or restaurants?


Short-term or longer stay, assignments are limited, some for 3, 6 or 12 months and others up to 5 years and then it goes back again or to another location. There are a number of things to consider when moving away, we are happy to take care of all the necessary steps, starting with the dissolution of all contracts, house or flat returns, bank account closures, de-registrations and much more.

Relocation for a fair fixed price: Get your free consultation now

Changing locations without stress: We provide consultation free of charge and without any obligations.

Our Prices

Immigration to Germany

Work Permit Application


1500 With spouse 1800€
With child(ren) 2200€
  • Obtaining the necessary documents in the home country / country of residence
  • Coordination of appointment at Embassy
  • Booking of temporary accommodation
  • Legal advice up to 30 minutes possible
  • Scheduling, obtaining necessary documents and accompany to foreigner ́s office until residence permit is issued
  • Administrative formalities included
  • Examination of the residence permit for accuracy by a lawyer
  • Reminder service 3 months before expiry of the residence permit

Home Search



  • Accompanied home search up to 6 objects depending on availability
  • Consulting of the desired search criteria and explanation of the current housing and market situation
  • Small orientation tour
  • Examination of the rental contract by a lawyer
  • Rental agreement summary in english
  • Coordination of handover
  • Apartment-/House handover protocol with pictures
  • Support for deposit or guarantee, if necessary
  • Townhall Registration / Re-registration
  • Registration / change of registration with utility provider (gas / electricity / water / telephone / Internet / mobile / ARD / GEZ)

Full Package

All services included


3800 With spouse 4000€
With child/ren 4500€
Info: For EU citizens flat rate 3000€
  • Immigration
  • Booking of temporary accommodation
  • Home Search
  • Settling in
  • Driver`s license conversion
  • Kindergarten/School Search




  • Termination of all contracts Rental agreement, memberships, utilities bank account/credit card
  • Pre-visit of rental property
  • Coordination of craftsmen, cleaning staff etc. if necessary
  • Handover with protocol and pictures, clarification of the refund of the deposit
  • De-registration at townhall

Ideally positioned for international changes of location.

We offer our complete range of services for relocation in numerous countries. So if, for example, you want to go from Germany to Ghana. Or from Great Britain to South Korea.

We are active for you in case of location changes from or to these destinations:

Bulgaria - Denmark - Estonia - Finland - France - Greece - Great Britain - Ireland - Italy - Latvia - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Croatia - Malta - Montenegro - Netherlands - Norway - Austria - Poland - Portugal - Spain - Romania - Russia - Sweden - Switzerland - Slovenia - Czech Republic
Angola - Ethiopia - Ghana - Kenya - Congo (DRC) - Namibia - Sudan - South Africa - Tanzania
China - Hong Kong - India - Indonesia - Japan - Macau - Malaysia - Philippines - Singapore - Srilanka - South Korea - Taiwan - Vietnam
Near and Middle East
Bahrain - Iran - Qatar - Kuwait - Oman - Saudi Arabia - Turkey - United Arab Emirates
North America
Canada - USA - Mexico
South America
Brazil - Argentina

Your virtual office in Frankfurt

A virtual office is a great way to test entrepreneurial commitment in Germany. With our virtual office in Frankfurt, we provide you with a legitimate business address in a representative location. We also take care of the entry in the commercial register. Phone calls to your Frankfurt number will be answered by us or forwarded to any device.

More services for your virtual office in Frankfurt

  • Receiving and forwarding mail and parcels
  • Storage of goods and shipping
  • Sale of returned goods with cancellation liability


A strong partner who will get you there safely

It’s reassuring to know that we have a team of hand-picked experts working for you. They use their unique expertise in all aspects of legal regulations, rules and practical requirements in such a way that the planned relocation of employees can be implemented quickly.

We save you time and money with our lean processes

A change of location entails many labor-intensive activities. We are able to offer our services at highly attractive conditions because we have analyzed the bottlenecks and mitigated them in terms of organization or technology.

We entrust our employees with a lot of responsibility. This enables them to act more agile, make independent decisions and avoid queries and approval cycles.

We use our own communication tools that are optimized for data protection to create transparency and save time. In addition, we apply streamlined processes that have proven to be best practice – and we are constantly improving these processes.

Ideally located in the center of Frankfurt

With its globally connected airport, Frankfurt is the ideal hub for entry into Germany.

No matter whether your international employees move to Frankfurt directly, or to Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, or any other major economic region – we have excellent regional and global networks.

Our passion for the job

A savings potential in our field of work is the use of freelancers. We refrain from doing this – for good reasons. Our experience has shown that our specialists who are exclusively permanent employees are more motivated and, above all, build up much more valuable networks over time. This includes personal relationships with people acting in embassies, consulates, at moving companies or real estate agencies – just to name a few examples. In the end, it is details like these that make the difference for you.

We speak your language

Effective communication is the key to ensuring that everything proceeds smoothly when you change location.

Among our team, we are fluent in 8 languages at a native level. We also rely on the support of professional translators.

You can contact us daily 12 hours a day. This way you can be sure that we will always act in your interest at a short notice.

A single contact person from our team coordinates all necessary partners and ensures a smooth flow of communication. This gives clients the security of knowing that they are only minimally involved in the entire process.

A change of location entails many uncertainties and a great need for advice. Use our free initial consultation and access our comprehensive expertise.

We are available daily from 7 AM – 7 PM.